The doctor has warned of the dangers of heat: what not to do, even if you want

Врач предупредил об опасности в жару: чего делать нельзя, даже если хочется

Cold shower after being in the heat is dangerous for health

Doctors don’t suggest coming home with a hot street immediately to take a cold shower, according to

Doctor Victoria Savitskaya explained that it is impossible to do that because extreme temperatures can cause exacerbation of heart problems or blood vessels, besides facing cold-related ailments.

Врач предупредил об опасности в жару: чего делать нельзя, даже если хочется

During a long stay in the heat or ride in a hot truck most of us just dream about, to quickly get under a cool shower. However, experts advise to wait and not become immediately under cool water.

Especially these recommendations apply to people suffering from heart ailments and having problems with pressure or vascular system.

When the street is hot, the body loses not only fluid but also minerals, and and vitality. That is to keep internal resources and not create unnecessary stressful situations.

“Once our body is warmed under sunlight and at a temperature of 35 degrees, in any case can not immediately get under a cool shower – it’s a real shock to the cardiovascular system. No matter how much you wanted to cool off, wait about 10 minutes, until the body cool down a little bit,” recommends the doctor.

Врач предупредил об опасности в жару: чего делать нельзя, даже если хочется

Note that a cool shower is not as stressful for a healthy body, as ice, from which a heart attack near.

Ideally, to constantly change the temperature from cool to warm, creating a slight contrast. Cool water will lower your body temperature and warm shower will create the illusion that the room is not so hot.

Recall that a nutritionist gave advice on which foods are best to consume in order to endure the heat.

According to experts, in the hot summer period, it is recommended to fill the diet of the so-called “cool” and “cold” products. To them in the first place, are light cereals, wheat, barley, wild rice in side dishes, from meat — chicken, rabbit meat, lean fish. Also in this list are some of the other products.

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