The doctor has warned about the dangers of popular habits among young people: “it is Dangerous for the heart and brain”

Доктор предупредил о вреде популярной привычки среди молодежи: "Опасно для сердца и мозга"

The doctor drew attention to the recent surge in popularity among youth threat habits

Chief surgeon of the United States Jerome Adams has published a report warning Americans about the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

The researchers found evidence of the presence of toxic metals such as lead, in the vapor of electronic cigarettes. The data also indicate that vaping may be associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Доктор предупредил о вреде популярной привычки среди молодежи: "Опасно для сердца и мозга"

The representative of health of the USA has warned Americans about the dangers of electronic cigarettes, devices that allows users to inhale the vapor of nicotine without burning tobacco.

Jerome Adams stated that electronic cigarettes are particularly dangerous for children and adolescents, and urged to take action to stop their growing popularity.

“We must protect our children from all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes in all shapes and sizes,” the statement said Adams.

Smooth and small electronic cigarettes are especially popular among teenagers because they are easy to hide and they don’t smell like a regular cigarettes.

The statement of Adams followed a warning from several other Federal agencies about the surge in popularity of electronic cigarettes, including from the Centers for control and disease prevention and Management on control over products and medicines.

In November, the office for sanitary supervision over the quality of the food and drug administration Scott Gottlieb has announced measures to further restrict sales of electronic cigarettes to young people.

Despite the fact that Smoking is deadly, and vaping seems to be more “healthy”, experts of public health is concerned about the growing demand for electronic cigarettes.

Experts warn that because of their popularity, electronic cigarettes are creating a new generation of young people addicted to nicotine, one of the most harmful substances in the world and a key ingredient of electronic cigarettes.

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Although the study of electronic cigarettes and imperfect, the doctors have a huge amount of data on the negative impact of nicotine on adolescents.

Доктор предупредил о вреде популярной привычки среди молодежи: "Опасно для сердца и мозга"

Young people who started Smoking in adolescence, the researchers found signs of decreasing activity of the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that relate to planning and decision-making. Teenagers who smoke are also worse cope with the tasks of memory and attention.

Most e-cigarettes contain toxic metals, and their use may increase the risk of heart attack.

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