The doctor called dangerous disease that arises from laziness

Доктор назвал опасную болезнь, которая возникает от лени

The cause of this disease is laziness and the consequences of a modern lifestyle

Diabetes of the second type should be called lack of walking or disease, lazy man. Scientists believe that this is not a real disease, because it is easy to prevent.

One of the leading British doctors Muir gray at the Oxford meeting made a statement about the need to rename the type II diabetes. According to the physician, it’s not a real disease, but a consequence of modern lifestyle with a small amount of physical activity.

Доктор назвал опасную болезнь, которая возникает от лени

Dr. grey spent intensivnye research on this topic, and they showed that the habit to sit at the table or in the car is the main risk factor of the disease. That is why it should be renamed disease of lazy people, to encourage humanity to move more actively.

“Type II diabetes is a shortage of Hiking, and I want the disease renamed. I already wrote about this, and someone answered me that diabetes is the metabolic syndrome. I told him I didn’t believe in any metabolic syndromes. The problem with this title is that the patient believes himself to be the victim of a relentless disease like rheumatoid arthritis. But in reality, diabetes is the result of laziness, low physical mobility and excess weight. And it’s all preventable factors,” said Dr grey.

In contrast, type I diabetes is autoimmune, it often starts in childhood. The risk of developing a second type of the disease grows significantly due to the extra weight, but it can be stopped just by diet and exercise.

We will add, earlier we reported that doctors have made recommendations on how diabetes can be done invisible to health.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from type II diabetes, which is considered an incurable disease. But there are several ways to reverse its symptoms.

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Доктор назвал опасную болезнь, которая возникает от лени

For example, victims of type II diabetes are encouraged to move, devoting loads of at least 150 minutes weekly. In General, intense exercise can actually reverse the progression of diabetes is reversed, and in some cases they remove diabetics with insulin.

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