The divers found in the sea ocean devil: the “requested relief”

Водолазы обнаружили в океане морского дьявола: "просил помощи"

A group of divers off the West coast of Australia was scared of the manta ray, also known as the sea devil

He came like asked for help from people. It turned out that near the eye, he stuck a fishing hook.

To help ramp decided underwater photographer Jake Wilton. It often swims with groups of divers in the area of the reef and Ningaloo have already seen there is this individual.

Divers even gave it a name — Freckled (Freckles). Stingray, it seems, too, learned of Wilton.

Водолазы обнаружили в океане морского дьявола: "просил помощи"

The situation was complicated by the fact that Jake was only a mask with a snorkel, but no diving equipment, reports The Sun.

He had again and again to dive to the slope, trying to take the hook out and then go up to get air.

SKAT all this time remained in place and even turned to my Savior with a belly that, according to Jake, in General, extremely rare. In the end the operation was a success.

If to deliver Stingray from the hook failed, he threatened to inflammation, blindness or even death.

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Водолазы обнаружили в океане морского дьявола: "просил помощи"

And recently in New Zealand two brothers found on the coast out of the ocean monster.

It is known that Brothers Daniel, Jack and Matthew Apline traveled by bike in the reserve is Red rocks which is located in Wellington. While walking on the shore, they saw a giant squid (4.2 m long).

The representative of the Department of nature conservation National Institute of water and atmospheric research reported that discovered the squid is not common in local waters, but is not uncommon.

In the Network discovery caused a stir. In the community of ocean Нuntеr Spеаrfishing & Frееdiving Sресiаlists in Fасеbооk commentators compared the was found with squid on display in the Museum of Wellington his kinsmen, whose length is 5.4 m. the Most susceptible users said “do not bathe”. Someone said: “Imagine that met this while scuba diving”.

Also recall that in Canada surveyors found one of the largest caves in the world.

In addition, it was reported that scientists have found an unusual ancient reptile that became extinct millions of years ago.

Still recall that on the Philippine coast and issued a mysterious sea monster. He was photographed resident of the city of Maasin, he came across a giant while walking.