The disease kills Nachalovo Yulia Kim Kardashian: impossible to cure, details

Болезнь Юлии Началовой убивает Ким Кардашьян: вылечить невозможно, подробности

38-year-old model and contestant of reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim finally confirmed his diagnosis model suffers from lupus erythematosus

One of the most famous American stars, a happy wife and mother, a successful friend and sister Kim was stunned recently all the news about the inevitable — she is terminally ill.

The disease, which was diagnosed at the stars, is incurable, because it affects not only the joints but also internal organs. Lupus erythematosus their time rooting and singer Julia Nachalova, which was unable to cope with the consequences of the disease and 16 March, the news of her death rocked the world.

Women have also that Julia died at the age of 38 years old from systemic lupus erythematosus, and Kardashian in the same age of the same year, learned about its distribution in your body.

Болезнь Юлии Началовой убивает Ким Кардашьян: вылечить невозможно, подробности

Actually, the situation, Kim Kardashian and Julia Nachalova the like, because both stars were baffled by news of illness, although the second doctor and claimed that Julia is not sick with lupus.

Systemic lupus erythematosus: is there a chance for recovery?

Although doctors in one voice say that the disease cannot be cured, yet no one denies that a person can live with such a diagnosis more than 30 years. Of course, for Kim Kardashian, a woman raising young children, I want to live for a long time and being healthy, but this fact will not pass any therapy. So, lupus is one of the most difficult diseases characterized by immune system attack the body’s own cells.

Signs of the disease, which claimed the lives of one star and a struck by a second:

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All the news

  • on the face, back of the hand and neck appear red rash in the shape of a butterfly;
  • in the oral cavity formed small ulcers
  • swelling of joints and stiffness.
  • It is worth remembering the words of Kim when she talked about how could not lift my arm to brush my teeth and put on my bra.

Lifelong therapy for the patient!

To cure lupus impossible, but maintenance therapy prolongs life and makes it full-fledged. Treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus provides for individual selection of drugs. Most often doctors prescribe:

  • cytotoxic immunosuppressants;
  • Corticosteroids;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • biological means.

The disease is symptomatic of lupus Kim Kardashian was diagnosed with recently, the model was inconsolable, because he understands that after that her life became divided into before and after. Although Kim and thinks now every day for the best gift from God, she still has time to raise children, to engage with her husband and friends and live to the full, however, with regular medical treatments.

Болезнь Юлии Началовой убивает Ким Кардашьян: вылечить невозможно, подробности

It is worth noting that the singer Yulia Nachalova struggled with lupus for eight years, she also had gout and diabetes of the second type. After the complications of these diseases and gangrene of the feet, Julia died in the hospital.

Remember, the truth about the last days of Nachalovo: “I was completely against.”

As reported Politeka, grave of Julia Nachalova drowned on the eve of the 40 days: what happened.

Politeka also wrote that the mother of Julia Nachalova turned gray with grief: first came into the light, “not to know”.