The disease is X attacks, scientists have howled because of the terrible epidemic: 80 million dead in two days

Болезнь Х атакует, ученые взвыли из-за жуткой эпидемии: 80 млн трупов за два дня

Deadly disease X is able to destroy more than 80 million people within a couple days

Disturbing news announced by the world health organization.

In particular, the researchers provided a report and said about the real threat that looms over Earth.

Болезнь Х атакует, ученые взвыли из-за жуткой эпидемии: 80 млн трупов за два дня

According to them, the planet may soon reach a terrible outbreak of influenza-like illness, which afford a couple of days to kill more than 80 million people.

In addition, the global Council to monitor the availability (GPMB) recently reported that the world now is under “acute risk” of pandemics.

“The threat of the spread of the pandemic across the globe real. Emerging pathogen capable of killing tens of millions of people, destroy the economy and destabilize national security,” the document says.

In their report the scientists also argue that because the world has become more interconnected, a deadly pathogen could spread around the world within 36-50 hours. At the same time, an unknown killer virus could destroy nearly 5% of the world economy and provoke the Land of social chaos.

Moreover, experts said that today the Earth more and more difficult to cope with the epidemic viral diseases such as Ebola, influenza and SARS. In the event of a pandemic a national health system, especially in poor countries, will collapse and cause mass infection.

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Болезнь Х атакует, ученые взвыли из-за жуткой эпидемии: 80 млн трупов за два дня

Previously, we reported that tuberculosis decimated EN masse of the Ukrainians. So, in our country every year die of tuberculosis 4 thousand people, but over the last 10 years, the incidence of TB has decreased by 40%

It is noted that the problem of tuberculosis remains sharp enough for Ukraine. Every year in our country, TB ill 4 thousand people, every fifth case of disease is not revealed until the end. For 2018: physicians recorded 36 thousand cases of TB disease, 26,5 thousand – it was a relapse, from which 23% of HIV-infected people.

“But despite all the problems that arise on the way to reduce the burden of TB, we have achieved some success. First of all, over the last 10 years 40% reduction in the incidence of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis mortality decreased three times”, — reported the government.

We will remind, the largest epidemic broke out in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, dangerous disease decimated the Ukrainians with a new force: doctors sounding the alarm.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians were warned about the epidemic of the deadly disease, save only one.