The disaster has hit the country: homes destroyed, evacuated hundreds of people

Стихийное бедствие обрушилось на страну: дома уничтожены, эвакуированы сотни людей

The flames engulfed huge areas, burning forests and houses

Firefighters do not exclude intentional arson.

In Australia, a powerful forest fire covered just two States – New South Wales and Queensland. Firefighters counted 140 fires in the forests. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the fire service of Queensland.

Стихийное бедствие обрушилось на страну: дома уничтожены, эвакуированы сотни людей

In connection with forest fires introduced a state of emergency.

Because natural disasters are burning not only woods and killing animals. The fire also damaged hundreds of homes. Local residents urgently evacuated. Some residents of the affected areas are placed in shelters, others found shelter in the homes of relatives and friends. Closed 11 schools.

Firefighters are trying to cope with the fire that’s already three days days. To fight forest fires was sent about 100 trucks and 300 firefighters calculations.

Fighting flames is complicated by the strong wind and heat. Local law enforcement officials believe that in some cases the fault of the children that have lit a fire, and another version does not exclude arson.

Reports of dead or missing there.

As we wrote earlier, the fire in the center of Kiev broke out in the early morning of 10 September near the metro station “Olympic”.

Call line emergency services arrived around 7:45. The fire broke out in the annexe and garage at the intersection of Business and Velyka Vasylkivska. The fire was raised rank of complexity.

Стихийное бедствие обрушилось на страну: дома уничтожены, эвакуированы сотни людей

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According to preliminary information, broke out a storage room. The fire spread to the roof of the garage and parked next to cars. The fire was given an increased grade of difficulty. The flames spread over an area of about 50 square meters.

As a result of ignition was damaged Volkswagen cars and BMW. A column of smoke rose above the center of Kiev for several tens of meters.

No information on casualties. Over the fire it has about ten pieces of equipment. Around 8:25 the fire managed to localize. The cause of the fire is also unknown.

We will remind, a fire destroys Versailles, smoke to the heavens: new video of the tragedy in Paris.

As reported Politeka, Notre Dame Cathedral could be saved from the fire emerged a fatal mistake.

Also Politeka wrote that the fire engulfed a school in Odessa: emergency evacuation of children emergency personnel