The disaster has covered the Ukraine, people are dying one after the other: what happens

Катастрофа накрыла Украину, люди гибнут один за другим: что происходит

Due to the scale of the crisis, the Ukrainians will soon lose millions of compatriots

Under the strongest impact of the economic disaster hit pensioners. Director of the Institute of economic development Alexander Goncharov on his page in Facebook told the details of what is happening, and foretold terrible consequences for all citizens of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Cabinet said that in 2019, 30% of elderly Ukrainians will not be able to retire at 60 years. Due to the lack of work experience, they will have to wait until 63 and 65. It is predicted that just nine years later, in 2028, 45 per cent of 60-year-old citizens will not be able to retire.

Катастрофа накрыла Украину, люди гибнут один за другим: что происходит

Alexander Goncharov noticed that even after receiving the coveted aid, Ukrainians will not be able to relax. Indeed, in most cases, the amount of the pension is too small for a decent life.

“This 2019. up to 30% of Ukrainians do not retire at age 60. Well, on January 1, the Pension Fund was on the account of 11.47 million pensioners, however, the average pension in Ukraine after all the increases amounted to slightly more than $ 100. USA – 2 899,04 hryvnia. Of course, these little money to call a pension I do not dare,” — said the economic expert.

Катастрофа накрыла Украину, люди гибнут один за другим: что происходит

The author warned that it only gets worse. Because the background of the demographic crisis the population of Ukraine is declining dramatically. Now retirees almost as much as working citizens. In 20 years the country will face a real disaster:

“But that’s not all. In fact, one employee now account for one pensioner. And yet the biggest threat is not even a sharp reduction in pension contributions, working in PFC, and not labor migration, since most of our fellow citizens will return home, but directly to the demographic crisis, which until the end of 2030. we will permanently lose the 2.9 million working-age population”, — summed up Alexander Goncharov.

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