The Deputy burned his dress: “nice and expensive”

Депутат сожгла свое платье: «хорошее и дорогое»

Odious MP said that her dress is the wrong colour and so it was high time to destroy

An unusual flash mob at the burning of the dress held the Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete. And helped her in the process of plateshake her colleague Karlis Sadurskis.

The fact that the dress, despite the fact that it, as stated by the owner of the outfit, “nice and expensive”, but also has the wrong coloring. Dress orange and black – the colors of St. George ribbon, or, as called by the color itself Kalniete, “Colorado”, writes Sputnik Latvia.

Депутат сожгла свое платье: «хорошее и дорогое»

Dress burned fun – with jokes and rhymes. Detailed photo report even published one of the local Newspapers.

Before you light a match and hold it to the dress, Kalniete specially soaked her outfit in the alcohol.

As previously reported, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from fraction “popular front” Tatiana Donets noticed in Parliament in the dress from the last collection of the famous French brand. This was written by the journalist Anna Steshenko on his page in Facebook.

So, Donets appeared in a dress from Louis Vuitton, which is 3.8 thousand dollars.

“A beautiful member of the “warring countries” how often like to say “veterans”, LV dress, attention — 3850 thousand dollars (approximately more than 101 thousand hryvnias)”, — stated Steshenko.

It should be noted that the waist dress is finished with a signature décor and jewelry clasp with the letter V. On the website of the brand stated that the composition of the product includes 68% wool and 32% silk.

Депутат сожгла свое платье: «хорошее и дорогое»

We also wrote that with Diorissimo handbag from iconic fashion House Dior with a cost of 2980 dollars, or 80 thousand hryvnias, lit up in the Verkhovna Rada, the wife of Prosecutor General of Ukraine and MP from Block Petro Poroshenko Irina Lutsenko.

We will remind that the Deputy decided to recall the past, comes the scandal: without bra in transparent dress.

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