The delay launch of the electricity market threatens to wreck reforms, – Plachkov

Отсрочка запуска рынка электроэнергии грозит срывом реформы, - Плачков

The rejection of the launch of the electricity market on 1 July casts doubt on the ability to implement the reform and threatens its breakdown.

This was stated by Chairman of all-Ukrainian energy Assembly Ivan Plachkov, write Ukrainian news.

Plachkov said that today all of the key market participants willing to start from 1 July. And global reasons for delay no. To solve some problems with the software, test mode, etc. it is possible in the time remaining before July.

“We have a month. I think that’s enough time. If we move on 3 months, then we will enter in the autumn-winter maximum. And there will be superimposed a lot of issues, issues fuel issues with gas. And I think that with coal. If we moved for 9 months, it means that we categorically reject these reforms,” said Plachkov.

In his opinion, the negative impact on the situation is and the current political turbulence, since all are engaged in early elections. And then they will elect a new government, which will take time to get up to speed. Officials may also start a new wave of legislation is amended. So the market you need to enter right now.

“If we do not, we disclaim all responsibility. And I think 50% of the implementation of these reforms. If we make this step backwards, we have not come forward,” said Plachkov.