The decrease in gas prices for Lugansk TPP was the only way, – the Director of the Department of housing and utilities of Luhansk regional state administration Surai

Снижение цены газа для Луганской ТЭС было единственным выходом, - директор департамента ЖКХ Луганской ОГА Сурай

With the adoption of the Cabinet decision on the special gas price for Lugansk thermal power plant, in the field there will be rolling blackouts

This was announced by the Director of the Department of housing and communal services of Luhansk regional administration Vitaly Surai, write Ukrainian news.

“We were initiated to the Prime Minister of this decision due to an emergency situation – transfer thermal power plant from coal to gas. It is necessary that the district was left with electricity to avoid rolling blackouts, because if it stops we have more than 50% power shortage. This vital decision was taken”, — said Vitaly Sura.

According to him, a difficult situation has arisen because of the inability to supply coal to the station via railway (Russia has blocked deliveries of coal to the station). To resume supply of coal to the power station it is necessary to build the railroad.

“The issue is associated with the supply of coal. This transportation, the opportunity to take delivery of coal to this station. Because today the only way was through Russia, from the Rostov region. It’s a question of logistics, which in 2015 is said to connect two lines of railway – one of the village of Lugansk in the direction of Russia, the second – Popasnaya-Yang, there is no message, they disconnected, this is a strategic question, the road needs to be built. Then we can put the station coal”, — said Vitaly Sura.

The Director of the Department of housing and utilities of Luhansk regional administration believes that no reduction in the price of gas for Lugansk thermal power plant in the area would have a problem with the power supply. “The decision on gas price is very important. At the end of August at TES there are payments of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and the amount of funds that she earns when selling the electricity at the maximum rate, it is not enough, would be the imbalance in payments, Naftogaz would be deprived of nominations, just would have blocked the gas, and the area would be de-energized”, — said Vitaly Sura.

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As earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 14 made the decision to reduce the cost of gas for Lugansk thermal power plant due to an emergency.

We will remind, Lugansk thermal power plant can receive coal by rail only from the Russian territory, because the entrances to the stations controlled by the Ukrainian authorities there. TES provides electricity to the North of the Luhansk region, about 1 million consumers. July 29, the Lugansk thermal power plant switched to gas because of the lack of coal reserves due to Russia’s restrictions on imports of coal in Ukraine.