The decision to reduce gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant is adopted as an emergency, – Groisman

Решение о снижении цены на газ для Луганской ТЭС принимается в порядке чрезвычайной ситуации, – Гройсман

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at today’s meeting passed a resolution to reduce gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, it will solve the emergency in the Luhansk region

This was reported by Ukrainian news.

“Lugansk thermal power plant works to produce electrical energy in the Luhansk region. It works on coal. Coal logistics can only be bought from the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation covers the supply of coal. We’re not able to deliver. What do we do? There is a second source of electricity – gas. If you give gas at a commercial price, for Luhansk need to raise several times the price of electricity. And the state in the procedure of emergency can solve this issue. In the region enough problems.” – said the Prime Minister.

Earlier, the Director of the Department of housing and communal services of Luhansk regional administration Vitaly Surai said that the current electricity prices do not cover the cost of gas, which was forced to move on Lugansk thermal power plant due to the blocking of the supply of coal from Russia. Therefore, the Cabinet must install the gas price for thermal power plants.

As previously reported, the Governor of Luhansk region Vitaly komarnicki believes that in the Luhansk region can be a power outage, unless the decision of the Cabinet to reduce gas prices.

We will remind, Lugansk thermal power plant can receive coal by rail only from the Russian territory, because the entrances to the stations controlled by the Ukrainian authorities there. TES provides electricity to the North of the Luhansk region, about 1 million consumers. July 29, the Lugansk thermal power plant switched to gas because of the lack of coal reserves due to Russia’s restrictions on imports of coal in Ukraine.

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