“The decision…”: the police “disowned” from the COP who killed 5-year-old child

«Принято решение…»: в полиции «открестились» от копов, застреливших 5-летнего ребенка

The police leadership, where work is suspected of killing 5-year-old boy, decided

It became known as the fellow cops did to the cops from the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Ivan Prikhodko and Vladimir Petrovec.

Suspects in the murder of Cyril Tleuova dismissed from service. “The police leadership made the decision to dismiss… It is, in fact, the most severe disciplinary action, which could be done in this situation until the end of the pretrial investigation State Bureau of investigation and the decision of the court”, – said the speaker of the National police Yaroslav was Trakalo, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

«Принято решение…»: в полиции «открестились» от копов, застреливших 5-летнего ребенка

Trakalo was also reminded that one of the dismissed cops couldn’t pass the certification of new police, but later he was reinstated by the court with payment of compensation.

“If the court then failed to restore it at work, perhaps this tragedy did not happen”, – said the speaker of the national police.

As previously reported, on June 5, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi said goodbye to 5-year-old Cyril Clavulin that Pumar in the hospital after the shooting patrol on may 31.

The body of the child, and the families were taken from the Kiev morgue. The boy’s family heartbroken. The grandmother took the “first” father’s funeral was on the verge of losing consciousness.

To say goodbye to Cyril came not only relatives and relatives, but also local residents. Near the place where the bullets struck the boy, put toys and flowers. They were also left outside the city’s police Department. Militiamen hung Ukrainian flag on a black ribbon.

Note that the Prosecutor of the Kiev region has announced a patrol to Vladimir Petrovec and his 31-year-old colleague Ivan Prikhodko, suspected under article “Murder committed by a group of persons”.

They face life sentences. In office of public Prosecutor has not excluded that can appear and new suspects at the crime scene was a few people, and the weapon from which was shot, still is established.

But the close of COP-killers who while drunk made a fire on the banks near the Playground, are considered guilty in the murder of five year old Cyril… his parents.

«Принято решение…»: в полиции «открестились» от копов, застреливших 5-летнего ребенка

In Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky journalists tracked down the wife of one of the suspects. Wife of Petrovac only believes her husband is innocent, but said that in some way blame the parents Cyril!

Recall that 5-year-old boy who was shot by drunken cops, died.

As reported Politeka, surfaced the scandalous details of the shot cops a 5-year-old boy.

Also Politeka reported that drunk cops shot the baby’s head found in a series of mystical coincidences, the forecast is frightening.