The Decemberists in all facets

groupe-the-decemberists-livre-prestation(Quebec) CRITICAL / For their first visit to Quebec City, Thursday, at the park of La Francophonie, the Decemberists have applied not only to tap into their entire repertoire, but to show their many facets. Shades rock, folk and progressive have thus appeared as far as sensitivity, humor and professionalism.

The troupe of Portland, Oregon, opened with a bang. First The Crane Wife 3, probably one of his best known songs, then the ambitious result in three times, The Island, which is spread over a dozen minutes and passes a bite and rock complex an acoustic final, nuanced and subtle. There was no room for doubt: the quintet, increased by two singers, was in great shape. Better, it was served by an excellent sound system, allowing to enjoy the game each and wealth orchestrations.

The leader Colin Meloy did not hide his curiosity towards the light buttons of festival and told at school, he was the Donald Trump of his “french club.” He admitted, in fact, do not master the language – or very little. He also seemed to believe that the national festival of French cousins was highly celebrated with us, because it alluded several times. It was appropriate, however, in the final concert, when he talked about Nice bombings, stating that “meditate about liberty, equality and fraternity could be useful.”

The Decemberists have not been entitled to the largest crowd of the Francophonie park. The places were filled, but it was quite airy. However, the Americans had an audience who knew them well and took her foot. It must be said that the interpretations were flawless, you touch the rock of the recent Make You Better or folk January Hymn.

The group does not merely touch almost all his albums, he has also defended a new song. Halfway, however, the Decemberists have tended to get bogged down in a sequence of ballads or mawkish pieces that have slowed the pace of the concert and who has lost several of attention. The machine was restarted in force with a solid Rake’s Song and O Valencia! Sweep and The Chimbley where Meloy was amused to control his band of eccentric and funny way.

The evening ended in the contagious madness of The Mariner’s Revenge Song. The public was invited to participate by voice to illustrate a part of history. A giant whale even appeared to devour the group!

Tire Coyote

Previously, the Coyote Tire invested for the first time, the Parc de la Francophonie. Flanked by five musicians, he plunged into his country-folk repertoire with ease. His band displayed a great relationship and knew wrap his singing and his tremolo feature neat textures. In the acoustic guitar leader, was part harmonica, electric guitar, pedal steel, in addition to the rhythm section.

Preventing the crowd that he preferred to speak little to interpret a maximum of songs, one born Benoît Pinette nevertheless confided “I’ve never been so happy to be the ham” between Archer (opening ) and The Decemberists!

Although the repertoire of the artist Limoilou tends to be melancholic, Coyote Tire has generally ignored the slow songs to emphasize its rhythm or more biting compositions. In the lot, we must underline the excellent Confetti, which led to great instrumental passages, especially from shampoo, to six electrical cords. Caulk cracks was also one of the successes of this round of singing, who easily seduces the crowd.

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