The debate Zelensky and Poroshenko: behind-the-scenes details

Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: что осталось за кадром, детали

The debate in the NSC “Olympic” were not everyone

A few dozen people at the stadium did not miss the police.

19 April at the NSC “Olympic” held a debate between the two candidates for the post of head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky.

Tickets for the event are sold in advance. Supporters of the incumbent were registered in social network Facebook in a special form, and supporters Zelensky on his official website.

Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: что осталось за кадром, детали

Police had previously announced that start on the stadium of spectators start from 16:00.

However, in the “Olympic” were not everyone. Law enforcement reported that the stadium was not empty of people found the knives, as well as those who were in an alcohol intoxication. Although, the Kiev authorities taken care of in advance and banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in Kiev in the area around the stadium.

Yesterday, April 18, in a live TV program “the Right to Vlad”, which was visited by Vladimir Zelensky, journalist Dmitry Gordon warned him about danger of stay in the stadium due to the fact that there might be a terrorist attack.

However, according to the police, no action there were no incidents, also documented violations, “in addition to a few dozen people whom we did not miss.” The atmosphere was “calm and controlled”.

Meanwhile, in the stadium of one of the spectators had a seizure of epilepsy. The man felt bad after the end of the debate. The man collapsed at the exit of the “Olympic” at the turnstiles.

Note that at the stadium around him was on duty doctors. They immediately began to provide first aid. It brought in the carriage “fast”. Eyewitnesses reported that a man all right.

As reports a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs, has arrived to the stadium for 22 thousand spectators, although it was expected much more – 60 thousand people.

As previously reported, the cost of holding debates between candidates for President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko at the NSC “Olympic” will be from 6 to 8 million hryvnia. This was announced by the speaker of a staff Dmitry Zelensky Razumkov.

According to him, the money the candidates will share equally the costs of holding the event will contribute to the election funds of candidates for President.

Razumkov noted that the debate in the first place want the candidates themselves, so “it would be wrong to burden the state budget with the costs of this event.”

Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: что осталось за кадром, детали

“This, of course, a lot of money, but I think in the budget there are other articles that would be worth spending these resources”, — said the speaker staff Zelensky.

Note, the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine will be held on April 21.

We will remind, Ukrainians massively change the place of voting in presidential elections: articulated figures.

As reported Politeka, the survey showed that most Ukrainians expect from the new President.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko and Zelensky signed a historic agreement.