The days of Klitschko considered, no quarter will be: what do Zelensky

Дни Кличко сочтены, пощады не будет: что задумали у Зеленского

A member of the “Revival” Valery Pisarenko, who is included in the informal support group of newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, filed a bill with regards to the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko

The document refers to the delineation of functions and powers of Kyiv mayor and Chairman of Kyiv city state administration.

“The point is simple, offered to return the ability to appoint the head of Kyiv city state administration by the decree of the President. And endow it with sufficient authority to make Kyiv a real European capital. State capital cases only confirms the need to empower the state to restore order in Kiev”, — wrote Pisarenko.

According to the website of the Parliament, the bill has already been sent to the Committee on state construction, regional policy and local self-government.

Дни Кличко сочтены, пощады не будет: что задумали у Зеленского

Note that around Klitschko before there is a scandal. We are talking about building a pedestrian bridge from St. Vladimir’s hill to the Arch of friendship of peoples, which has spent more than 260 million hryvnia. The capital Chapter bragging about this project, but taxpayers are not happy about this. Because of their money in the capital can not be solved priority issues more important, such as destroyed roads, reboot, ways of transport, etc. the Money of budget in Kiev, which is facing a deficit, spend it on the bridges that outraged taxpayers.

Moreover, many believe that these projects only laundered money from the budget and this is proof. So, the Swiss company that took the idea of this know-how, said that the funding of the bridge much higher.

In this regard, as we wrote, the head of the Association of taxpayers of Ukraine Pavel Camber Klitschko sent the letter with the requirement immediately to provide a report on the costs of the bridge and the funding source. This request was sent at the request of angry taxpayers.

Дни Кличко сочтены, пощады не будет: что задумали у Зеленского

Note that, on account Klitschko is not the first project which raises doubts about its feasibility. Under the alleged desire of the Metropolitan head to turn Kiev into a developed advanced interest for tourists to the capital can escape the total money laundering of taxpayers.

Even politeka reported that Swiss architects are outraged that a pedestrian bridge in Kiev, built as they are even concept.

We also wrote that Klitschko “strangle” Kiev fines.