The daughter of Nachalovo was taken from the grandparents: “I was shocked”

Дочь Началовой забрали у бабушки и дедушки: "Был шокирован"

The daughter of singer Yulia Nachalova no longer lives with grandma and grandpa

Yulia Nachalova died March 16 of heart failure as a result of the abscess, she was only 38 years old. After the death of a star by nurturing her 12-year-old daughter Faith took the parents Nachalovo. But now the player Yevgeny Aldonin said that he had decided to take her daughter Faith from his marriage with Julia Nachalova in his new family with his second wife Olga and son Artem.

Aldonin also told reporters, took the death of the former wife, Sovsport reports.

“When I found out about the incident, was shocked. You rightly said, it’s a real tragedy. Now the most important thing for me is the peace of mind of Faith. She was surrounded by care and love of family and friends,” said the sportsman.

Дочь Началовой забрали у бабушки и дедушки: "Был шокирован"

Earlier it was reported that the daughter of Yulia Nachalova took part in the talk show of Andrei Malakhov “hi, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1”. The girl went into the Studio with a smile on my face and told Andrei Malakhov on their progress.

“I was at the Tchaikovsky competition and is now in school, we had a music Day. The piano really completes me. It’s part of me. I stand before a performance. I have no excitement…” – said Faith Aldonin.

Grandpa girl said that she had great musical abilities – not worse than Yulia Nachalova. According to him, the main thing that was desire to do it. Also on the transfer of the daughter of Yulia Nachalova said that dreams of becoming an actress.

Дочь Началовой забрали у бабушки и дедушки: "Был шокирован"

“Of course, I can’t say for sure I will not a singer because things can change. In childhood, I said I wanted to become like mother, but with an emphasis on the actress. Now about the same,” shared Faith Aldonin.

Recall the truth about the last days of Nachalovo: “I was completely against.”

As reported Politeka, ex-husband of Julia Nachalova won a lawsuit against the late singer.

Also Politeka wrote that the PR-Director of Nachalovo first came in light after death of the singer.