The danger of fashionable habits scientifically proven: named a bunch of fatal illnesses

Опасность модной привычки доказана научно: назван букет смертельных болезней

Young people are increasingly using it in the hope that harm will not so much

Experts told about the consequences of Hobbies vaami. It turned out, smokers of electronic cigarettes undergo a number of dangerous diseases.

The experiments have been proven a direct link of this fashionable variation of the bad habits and cancer of the oral cavity.

Опасность модной привычки доказана научно: назван букет смертельных болезней

Experts believe that regular use of Smoking gadgets may lead to serious consequences. Scientists have published data from a study of vaping substances, the analysis of the data shows that wapi provoke cancer of the oral cavity is not less than the usual cigarettes.

The aromatic steam is having an impact on blood vessels, thinning the walls of veins and arteries, thus contributing to the development of severe heart disease. In addition, the important was the factor of attractiveness, contrary to the usual opinion, the evaporators do not discourage people from Smoking real cigarettes, on the contrary, people are moving towards combining the aerosol with conventional tobacco Smoking.

An experiment with rats, inhaling weepy during the week, month, and 60 days, showed a direct relationship to the deterioration of the lungs from the duration of use of the vaporizers, even though they were submitted beznikotinovye liquid.

Scientists believe that the negative effects cause propylene glycol and glycerol, which are present in deprived nicotine vaping refills. They irritate the respiratory tract, eyes, and harm the Central nervous system.

Also in aerosols to wapow found a large quantity of tin, Nickel, copper, lead, chromium, and their contents in ten times the number of these chemical substances and compounds in the usual cigarettes. So, the heating element leads to the ingress of harmful nanoparticles in the pulmonary alveoli, which included local toxic effect. Then the arteries carry the Nickel and chromium blood throughout the body.

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We will add, earlier the chief surgeon USA Jerome Adams has published a report warning Americans about the dangers of electronic cigarettes, which are now very popular among young people.

Опасность модной привычки доказана научно: назван букет смертельных болезней

The representative of health of the USA has warned Americans about the dangers of electronic cigarettes, devices that allows users to inhale the vapor of nicotine without burning tobacco. Jerome Adams stated that electronic cigarettes are particularly dangerous for children and adolescents, and urged to take action to stop their growing popularity.

We will remind, the body recovers after Smoking after 15 years

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