The danger can be determined by the fingernails: five reasons to think about cancer

Опасность можно определить по ногтям: пять поводов задуматься о раке

Our body constantly gives us signs about the danger

People still we have not learned to correctly interpret the symptoms and requirements of your body. We picked up a number of issues that can occur on the nails and you should pay attention, since the presence of these problems may say that you are predisposed to cancer.

White spots on nails

Usually, as I said our great-grandmother, a white spot – so something good will happen. Someone said you’d be happy, and someone began to sound the alarm, and rightly so. White spots in large numbers, we’re not talking about a single speck on the fingernail, it indicates that your body is lack of some substances in large quantities or that the body took a number of failures of the internal organs.

Опасность можно определить по ногтям: пять поводов задуматься о раке

Leukonychia, so call this pathology. The fact that these spots are formed due to the nail plate air.

Small dimples

Small dimples can talk about the problems with the lack of chondroitin in a large number in Addition, individuals with this defect often can be problems with eczema and psoriasis, and arthritis.

Transverse lines

Urgently restored. Cross the line speak mostly about what you exhausted. This may be as a psychological predisposition, and physical, due to tight schedule, malnutrition or lack of sleep. To correct the situation with the regime of the day and try to rest more.

“Drum sticks”

Drumsticks may talk about a number of problems with pressure or heart, especially in cancer patients noted the deterioration of the heart and respiratory system.

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It difficult to breathe, often shortness of breath even after little exertion, and yet, such people and such people tend to that we have more chances to earn a heart attack or stroke.

Опасность можно определить по ногтям: пять поводов задуматься о раке

Color change

The change in color indicates the number of violations, mostly with elements of the blood that affects the liver. Usually in cancer cases have been linked to cancer of the bones and bone marrow.

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