The dance moves begin!

comme-centaines-autres-sherbrookois-isabelle(Sherbrooke) In addition to being Canada Day, July 1 also means relocation for many Quebecers. This weekend, the streets will be invaded moving vans that will guide guests to their new home.

Return to her parents after three years in an apartment may seem unthinkable for some people. Isabelle Jutras, bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Sherbrooke, rather believes his return to the family home, despite his 24 years, was positive. “I’ll see my parents more often. Sure there will be some adjustments to make, but we lived together for a long time, I do not see why it would not work, “she explains.

The young woman is completing his degree in December and still does not know where life will take her. “I did not renew my lease because if, after my fall semester, I got a job in Montreal, it’s always complicated to sublet or break a lease. I prefer to enjoy the fact that my parents are in the corner, “says Jutras.

Although Isabella uses the kindness of his entourage for the move, others Sherbrooke benefit for their services from several movers. “We are complete since January,” said Nancy Boisvert, executive assistant at Moving and Roy Martineau. The same scenario is repeated with the movers that Tribune was able to reach by phone. Companies averaging twenty moves on 1 July.

Abandoned animals

“Luckily, my roommate can keep my cat. I do not want to impose my parents, but I will not go take it to the SPA, “says Isabelle Jutras. Abandoning pets, Sherbrooke, is not a major issue, according to Cathy Bergeron, spokesperson for the Humane Society Estrie Animals (SPA).

Right now, our occupancy rate is almost reached, but only 19 percent of animals are present because of a move. “The phenomenon is less present in the region, we get a lot more range of baby animals, cats in particular. “Said Bergeron. She recalled the way that it is always best to try to find a new home for their pet and not use the SPA as a last resort.

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