The curse of the TV series “Beverly hills” continues to kill: the grisly details

Проклятие сериала «Беверли-Хиллз» продолжает убивать: жуткие подробности

Fans of the popular American TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” drew attention to the fact that their favorite actors began to withdraw from life

Already two actors, who became famous thanks to participation in this cult TV series, has passed away.

For example, recently passed away actor Bryan Turk. He died at 50 years old. A grater more than a year ago was diagnosed with cancer. Famous actor decided not to tell anyone about his illness and struggled with her own.

Проклятие сериала «Беверли-Хиллз» продолжает убивать: жуткие подробности

After some time his friends found out that Brian needed help.

Caring people created a special Fund “To support the family of Brian Turk”, but unfortunately, the actor coping with cancer failed. A celebrity died on Friday, September 13.

Note that in the filmography of the actor almost 40 paintings. Viewers will remember the work Grater and for the films “Jurassic Park: the lost world”, “American pie 2”, “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles”. Besides “Beverly hills, 90210”, he said in the TV series “er”, “Buffy the vampire Slayer”, “Nash bridges”, “the Pretender,” “Two and a half men” and many others.

Recall that before he died the star of the show “Beverly hills, 90210” Luke Perry. In the series he played Dylan McKay. Peri passed away on the morning of March 4, 2019 as a result of a stroke he suffered a few days earlier.

Проклятие сериала «Беверли-Хиллз» продолжает убивать: жуткие подробности

In a tragic moment next to him was his children, his bride Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie sharp and mother.

Ironically, the stroke in celebrity happened that day when broadcaster Fox announced that it will restart the cult TV series “Beverly hills, 90210”.

Проклятие сериала «Беверли-Хиллз» продолжает убивать: жуткие подробности

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Almost became a victim of the curse series and the famous actress Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh). She recently admitted that long struggled with cancer.

48-year-old Doherty said that a few years ago, the doctors stunned her with news that she has cancer. However, according to celebrity, the disease helped her to strengthen marriage with her husband producer Kurt Iswarienko and understand how beautiful life is.

“Cancer has strengthened our marriage. Now Kurt and value each other much more. It is not that our marriage was previously not good enough. But we sure went through a huge pain. Now we don’t allow ourselves to get angry at each other. Last time we strongly quarreled even before my illness,” he told the star.

Проклятие сериала «Беверли-Хиллз» продолжает убивать: жуткие подробности

She added that she and her husband look at life in a completely different way: “Cancer changes all of the people in your life. So it was with us. Now we both look at life differently.”

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