The current government is not different from the Poroshenko regime and does nothing to restore peace, – “the Opposition platform For life”

Нынешняя власть не отличается от режима Порошенко и не делает ничего для восстановления мира, – «Оппозиционная платформа – За жизнь»

Anti-war rhetoric of President Vladimir Zelensky remains just that. People expect him to show real action, however, is that he, like the previous President Petro Poroshenko, makes no concrete steps to restore peace in Ukraine

This is stated in the official statement of political party “OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE”.

“A day of mourning and commemoration in memory of victims of world war II in Ukraine we declare: war is a huge tragedy for the country, for every family, for the Ukrainian people. During the great Patriotic war, Ukraine suffered heavy losses. For the liberation of Ukraine from fascism on the fronts fought more than 7 million Ukrainians and more than half a million never returned home from war. Ukraine has lost every five people. The heroism of our people and the huge losses incurred in the fight against national socialism, deserve to be remembered and commemorated the new generations of Ukrainians”, – said in a statement.

The party stressed that its main goal is to restore peace in Donbas today should be common to all responsible politicians.

“But to end the war, not beautiful enough, statements and phrases. People expect the President Zelensky specific actions. Political will is needed to begin direct talks in the quadrangle Kiev – Donetsk – Lugansk – Moscow. The necessary concrete work on the laws stipulated by the Minsk agreements. Need a road map to peace”, – stated in the “PLATFORM of the OPPOSITION FOR LIFE.”

In the political party said that already prepared a plan to restore a definitive peace in Ukraine.

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“We understand that the Ukrainian people need peace now. And we are constantly working on it. “The OPPOSITIONAL PLATFORM FOR LIFE” there is a Plan to resolve the situation in the South-East of the country. The peace plan – a real mechanism for the restoration of peace. Today, we regret that the current government is no different from the regime Poroshenko, and does nothing concrete to restore peace in Ukraine”, – summarized in the statement of the party “OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE”.