The cure for cancer came with an asteroid from space: a New discovery of scientists

In the treatment of cancer help the joints, delivered from space.



Approximately sixty-six million years ago near the Yucatan Peninsula (modern Mexico) had fallen asteroid which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. But at the same time, it turned out that delivered to the planet an asteroid with a diameter of at least ten kilometers a rare metal, iridium is quite possible will greatly assist in the fight against cancer, while not causing damage to healthy cells. To such conclusion came researchers from Britain and China.


Experts studying the echoes of proisshestvija made a rather unexpected discovery. A group of scientists from the University of Warwick in Coventry (UK) together with partners from sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou (China) determined that the laser light used during the treatment of cancer, it can convert iridium, discovered together, the falling to Earth of a celestial body,in a spectacular way of dealing with cancer, making him the real killer of cancer cells.


Iridium is the chemical element with atomic number 77 in PSHE of D. I. Mendeleev. It’s pretty solid, refractory, silver-white transition metal of the platinum group. This chemical element has a high density and this can be compared with him only osmium. The element of the periodic table has high corrosion resistance even at a temperature of two thousand degrees Celsius. In terrestrial rocks very rarely comes, and if it is detected high concentration of this is evidence of the cosmic origin of the rock samples. The metal comes much rarer than gold and platinum; and the content of iridium in the crust of the earth is negligible – only 10-7% by mass, however not ruled out the possibility of his greater presence closer to the core of the Earth.



The result of The research, the experts were able to achieve compounds of iridium and of organic material capable, under certain conditions, to kill cancer cells. So scientists have found that due to the effects of light and connection of iridium an ordinary singlet oxygen is drawn in. The difference in energies of the primary and singlet state oxygen was 94.2 kJ/mol. The transformation is inspired with a laser beam, and for cancer cell singlet oxygen is toxic, so he kills her.


Thus, a group of scientists created a compound of iridium with an organic material, which is then introduced in the model of cancerous lung tumor grown in laboratory conditions. First, in the model, the fabric is introduced connection of iridium, which in itself is safe, but it turned out that after contact with the compound of red laser light, it is to operate and turns the oxygen into the tumor site in the singlet oxygen, that is, directly into the toxic form of the element, effectively killing cancer cells inside. As well As a direct connection siteactive it responds to light and is starting to work in the right direction, while penetrating to all parts of the cancer.


The researchers emphasize that the use of red laser, deep penetration of the rays which tissue contributes to the necessary process, helped find this quite effective method of treatment of cancer. In addition, the laser itself shoots the most accurately – comparable with a sniper rifle in the right hands an arrow, while chemical therapy, rather just like the shotgun.



At the same time, the experts conducting similar experiments with the healthy tissue, were convinced that this operation does not cause any harm. It turns out that even in the case of inaccurate hit with a laser beam, the patient is not in danger.


And that finally convinced happening procedure in the place of the cancer at the time of a similar operation, the group used mass spectrometry with ultrahigh resolution. As a result, scientists became convinced that the iridium compound only attacks certain proteins in cancer cells. Such victims are heat shock proteins. At the same time changes the carbohydrate metabolism, for example glucose metabolism, in most cases, fed cancer.


Conducted numerous experiments have demonstrated that the iridium compound – productive, as it reaches all parts of the cancer. And by testing the iridium connection on clusters of non-cancerous tissues, the experts found that this process had no effect and did not make the slightest impact. This indicates a targeted treatment that does not affect healthy cells of a living organism.



According to the researchers, this method is a completely new approach in curing cancer diseases. The real connection is based on the iridium acting as a fighter against cancer using simultaneously a couple of systems that helps to avoid the dilemma of resistance, in parallel increasing the profitability of the elimination of the tumor and to minimize marginal effects.


It should be noted that this decision, this is not the first episode of the use of precious metals that demonstrate profitability in the fight against cancer. For example, fifty percent of the varieties of therapy used chemical compounds of platinum. In addition, not less popular among experts and gold nanoparticles.

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