The crippling dental phobia: why you should not fear of dentists and pain

Try more to understand the reasons.

Дентофобія: чому не варто боятися стоматологів і терпіти біль

Your tooth has been hurting for a few weeks, but a trip to the dentist is still delayed? And no matter what you’re afraid of: pain a medical error during the procedure, or large waste – in every situation we can find a way out, informs Rus.Media.


First, the main cause of fear of pain. Most often, the reason for this negative past experience, especially if the treatment took place in the old “Soviet” Cabinet on abtran chair where the drill and other tools like instruments of torture. In this case, it is important to remember that modern medicine has leaped forward, and in private clinics (by the way, some free too) used only the latest equipment, and no pain during the procedure provides high-quality anesthesia. But if the past were in that office, but the pain was still – do not be shy, tell the doctor, he will help find you the optimal type of anesthesia. Remember: in modern conditions the patient should not feel pain in the dental chair.


The second reason is the fear of medical errors. If you’re paranoid and afraid that the dentist will do something wrong: gonna get infected, and will pull out the wrong tooth, or something hurt, and spend some time looking for the doctor who will be able to fully trust. Better ask around from friends and acquaintances – they are not exactly bad advise.


The third reason concerns the relatively large treatment bill. In this case, it is better that before hiring, to know the approximate prices of treatment in different clinics, and then choose for themselves the most optimal variant. But what if the money is still not enough, and the situation is already critical? In this case, look for dentists that provide services on credit, if in your city there isn’t – don’t despair, you can always apply for a loan at the place of work or at the Bank. Can also try to find a good doctor at a free clinic, just be confident in his professionalism.

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