The Crimean bridge and found a terrible discovery: “75 years on the bottom of the sea”

У Крымского моста обнаружили страшную находку: «75 лет на дне моря»

The Crimean Kerch Strait bridge, the occupants discovered the ship, which lay at the bottom of the sea for 75 years

During the Second world war in those places were bloody battles, it is not surprising That from time to time people find items or equipment at the time.

So, search engines in the area of the bridge that connected the occupied Crimea and mainland Russia, found fighting boat of the border guard, the NKVD. ACCORDING to local press reports, the ship sank in 1943.

У Крымского моста обнаружили страшную находку: «75 лет на дне моря»

Boat found last fall, however, to explore it took me a while.

Before the war with fascist invaders such vessels guarded the garden of the first persons of the state in the Crimea.

As previously reported, Russian occupants did not consider an important point in the construction of the so-called Crimean bridge, which there loves showing off Vladimir Putin.

About it in interview to journalists told the candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences and part-time senior researcher at the Institute of water problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Medovar.

According to him, next to the design is a powerful mud volcano, which the Russian occupants had forgotten in the construction of Crimean bridge.

“I’m afraid the engineering-geological surveys used times the 70-ies of the last century, when you really wanted to build a bridge. But then the project wrapped, because they were good professionals. Well, now we have a friend who is the chief specialist on all issues and believes he can build whatever he wants”, — says the expert, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin

In addition, Medovar noted that next to a bridge built there is a mud volcano, which is active approximately every 80 years.

“Recently on television showed that in the Azov sea, probably triggered mud volcano — fishermen came to fish, and there is a two-meter lump of clay came from the bottom of the sea and a huge clay massif stood on the Bank. There is such power that the bridge will be just demolished,” he concluded in communicating with journalists.

У Крымского моста обнаружили страшную находку: «75 лет на дне моря»

Previously, we reported that occupiers of Crimea have once again demonstrated why they have grow upper extremity, and proved that the vaunted Kerch bridge is doomed. So, in an attempt to lay the railway track, the workers had permanently damaged the bridge design.

The incident occurred in the village of bagerovo. Workers prepare sites for laying of railway tracks and damaged a water pipe. Currently broken pipe trying to replace.

Recall that in the occupied Crimea again incident on the “construction of the century”.

As reported Politeka, the fall of the Crimean bridge can close the sea of Azov, so the ecology of the waters under threat.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimean bridge decided to equip noise screens and racks of lighting on train part.