The Creator of the series “Sherlock” has hinted at its sequel

Создатель сериала «Шерлок» намекнул на его продолжение

One of the authors of “Sherlock” Steven Moffat hinted at the continuation of the series, noting that while team members are busy in other projects.

It is known that the fourth season of the British TV series “Sherlock” came out earlier this year. Then Steven Moffat saidthat the future of the new season is not defined, but if it is not, then do not worry he is not seeing.

According to Moffat, the last time he turned his attention to work on the TV series “Doctor Who”, but he is now tired of this 50-year history, and intends to do something else, because it does not exclude the continuation of “Sherlock”.

We will remind, the protagonist of the series Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Sherlock Holmes, became famous for the role of the famous detective and now gets many offers to work in Hollywood.

Earlier it was reported that the authors of the tape mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat want to make a mini-series about count Dracula with the episodes 90 minutes long.


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