The Creator of the Internet intended it to destroy

The Creator of the modern Internet, Tim Berners-Lee (Timothy Berners-Lee) presented a new concept of storage by users of their data.

According to the publication Business Insider, a new data storage structure has received the name Inrupt. Users will be able to, while using it, to decide where to store their data and to whom to grant the right to use them.

Inrupt will provide commercial side of the Solid large-scale project over which the team of Berners-Lee has been working for several years. The new platform is open source.

This project is at odds with existing rules of data storage in the network where all users are giving personal information to large IT companies, search engines, social networks, messengers. Corporations are monopolies holding all the data on their servers, making collections of data vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Solid is a tool for data exchange and storage DWeb or a decentralized Internet. Information in this system will go, bypassing the servers. Therefore, to interfere with the user’s life can neither corporations or even the government.

According to Berners-Lee, he has been working on a new system of transmission and storage. And only now had the opportunity to go to the implementation of this project.
“Despite all the good that we have reached, the Internet has become the engine of inequality and segregation under the influence of powerful forces who use it for their own purposes,” said Berners-Lee.

He is confident that the time has come to change the way the existing global network.

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