The court made the controversial decision to terrorists “DNR” who killed “cyborgs”: the first details

Суд принял скандальное решение по террористам «ДНР», которые убивали «киборгов»: первые подробности

One of the terrorists even opened in Mariupol, the pizzeria, where he had the audacity to give discounts to participants ATO

Killer Ukrainian soldiers felt themselves quite freely.

Terrorists “DNR” fired at peaceful Ukrainian towns and boastfully described how he killed “cyborgs”, but the Ukrainian court was too humane towards them, said in a STB TV channel plot.

Суд принял скандальное решение по террористам «ДНР», которые убивали «киборгов»: первые подробности

The militants were released under house arrest.

One of the terrorists novel Jumaev made no secret that he participated in combat actions against Ukraine and was a member of a group “Tag”. He talked about this himself in 2016. And boastful he told her in Belarus in an interview to the journalist of “Radio Svoboda”.

According to dzhumaeva, he fired at the village of Marinka, as well as with other militants tried to recapture the “cyborgs” Donetsk airport.

Two years ago Jumaev decided to visit relatives in Mariupol and came to his hometown. Then he tied the Ukrainian intelligence services. But, despite its “rich” biography with facts and recognition, the court in Mariupol just let him go.

Jumaev so insolent of impunity that has opened in the city of pizza, where even give discounts to soldiers of the ATO.

The gunman was arrested a second time after checking it turned out that his institution is illegal. In addition, he attacked the strongman. And, despite the fact that Jumayev “hung” just two articles – terrorism and assault on a police officer, it in the beginning of August the Board of the October court of Mariupol again releases under house arrest.

On the loose turned out to be another militant, who was involved in the adjustment of fire fighters in the positions near Marinka, Sergei Kosteniuk. He was released, paid her bail of $ 150 thousand.

Суд принял скандальное решение по террористам «ДНР», которые убивали «киборгов»: первые подробности

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As previously reported, the Donbass was destroyed by a terrorist Sergey Evseev, known as “SMS”, reported in Telegram-channel APU officer Anatoly Stefan ridiculous.

Evseev was assault regiment miner of illegal armed groups “DNR”. According to the information of the officer who killed the gunman in the Donetsk region, in Mariupol direction. “Evseev “SMS” Sergei from the miner. Presumably in the sea of Azov, 9 ESPN 1ак”, — he wrote.

Recall that the militants went on the attack in OOS: began a hard battle, APU stood.

As reported Politeka, Mat magically defeated the militants in OOS: there were details and video bright attack.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the APU is to give teeth to the Russians on the front: “a big loss”, disclosed details of success in OOS