The court issued a verdict in the case of Alexander Revva

The song Alexander Revva “Chica”, which became the subject of litigation, recognized the original musical product. Claims Sochi by Ruslan Kagarmanov to the city showman, the court found unreasonable.

Kuntsevsky court of Moscow on 14 January issued a verdict on the claim against Ruslan Kagarmanov Alexander Revva, standing on the side of the defendant. The court rejected the contractor from Sochi to meet its requirements, as came to the conclusion that the work of the artist, acting under the pseudonym Arthur Pies, no signs of plagiarism.

Recall that the Revva became the centre of the scandal last spring after the release of his new song “Chica”. It turned out that the song with the same name exists in the repertoire Kagarmanova, only written it two years earlier.

Sochi the musician felt that the track Pirozhkova as two drops of water similar to his own track and filed a claim for copyright infringement.

Ruslan wanted to achieve in court recognition of the illegal use of “Cheeky” Alexander. Also, the plaintiff wanted to recover from “defendant-plagiarist” 51 thousand roubles and demanded the promulgation in mass media of the judicial decisions to “protect his reputation”.

During consideration of the claim Kagarmanova experts compared the disputed tracks. Both songs use the word Chica, which begins with the chorus of both songs, and both artists have rhymed this word with the name “Veronica”.

These facts were the main arguments of the plaintiff in favor of his innocence, but they did not convince the court that the defendant is guilty of plagiarism. A song written for Revva composer Dennis Kowalski, in the opinion of the court, is an original musical product.

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The Moscow showman on court session was not present. His interests were protected by the lawyer Artem Grishin, who also commented on the verdict. The defender hinted that the Sochi musician and his client is not the only artists who used the word “Chica”, thus its presence in the track is not evidence of plagiarism.

Grishin gave the example of such works, which, according to him, there are a dozen. In particular, he recalled that in 1998, Valery Leontiev sang about “Chico from Puerto Rico”, and in the repertoire of the jazz orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem more than half a century ago appeared the song “Chika Chika Chu.”

The plaintiff by the decision of the court were not satisfied. Kagarmanov said in an interview with “MK” that the court made a lot of violations, and he intends to appeal.

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