The cottage Jewel in the forest carries the case on appeal

johanne-bouchard-guy-poisson(Magog) Although it has been successful in the Superior Court against the bed and breakfast Jewel in the forest, the City of Magog can enforce the judgment of Francois Thot judge in November 2015.

B owner Jewel in the forest, Johanne Bouchard and Guy Fish, have appealed the decision of Thot judge on appeal, meaning that the City of Magog is currently refrain from resorting to “enforcement action” that had been granted by the court.

The judgment provides for the complete closure of Bijou cottage in the forest, located in the Lake Lovering sector. And authorizes the City to call on the police for potential customers leave the premises quickly, should a failure to comply with the decision.

The City is complete writing his appeal brief and file this short-term paper. The clerk of the municipality, Sylviane Lavigne, expects that the hearing scheduled to be held in early 2017.

Anyway the original decision, Johanne Bouchard seems convinced that she and her husband were victims of an injustice. “We have been very badly advised by the municipality in this folder there. Never should have requested an amendment to zoning as it was recommended to us, “she says.

Recall that the residents of the Lovering Lake area have issued harsh criticism when the municipality wanted to regularize the situation of the lodging. The City subsequently abandoned plans to rezone the V-18 zone to allow the presence of a bed inside it.

Magog Mayor Vicki May Hamm judge that the case of Jewel in the forest tends to show that it is difficult for a city to obtain the closure of a bed and breakfast that does not respect municipal regulations.

On the territory of Magog only several dozen houses contravene the existing rules on accommodation. The Association of tourist lodgings Magog-Orford wants the Villesoit tougher on owners who do not comply with regulations.

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