The Cosmos U-15 AAA in the midfield

date-mardi-cosmos-u-15Girls U-15 AAA Cosmos experienced a mixed first half of season in the Elite Soccer League of Quebec. With a record of 5 wins, 5 defeats and as many draws verdicts, the Granbyennes are in seventh place in mid-table.

A somewhat disappointing performance considering that the majority of the team that finished third in the U-14 class last summer is back.

“It’s below expectations we had before the start of the season,” admits Anne-Marie Lapalme, who heads the only training Granby moving at the highest level of soccer in Quebec.

“At the same time, the league is much tighter. (…) Lakeshore is above the lot, but if anyone can compete with everyone. That makes it all quite interesting. ”

The Cosmos have experienced particularly difficult early schedule, winning only one of their first 10 games. Lapalme The coach has often had to deal with reduced staffing, whether because of injuries or the involvement of three players (Coralie Fortier, Mara and Stephanie Bouchard Angers) with the Quebec team.

“The advocate Maude Brodeur missed seven or eight parties, including mentions the Hall of Fame member of Granbyen soccer. We had to use several reserves and there are games where we did not have a lot of substitutes on the bench. ”

Fortier is leading the charge

Especially moving 4-5-1 formation, the Granbyennes usually dominate possession of the ball. A master who does not always give the desired results.

“There are teams that play a more direct style with long balls and that we sometimes causes problems, observed Anne-Marie Lapalme. It also pays a lot more goals than last year. We set a goal to strengthen our defensive play. ”

However, the offensive does not seem to be a problem.

If the excellent Cassandra Provost now plays for Saint-Hubert, Coralie Fortier has brilliantly taken over at the point of attack. She has already found the back of the net 16 times, more than once per game.

“Coralie stands out, but she also receives very good balls. It is not only individual efforts in his case, “said his coach.

Showing a significant increase, Juliette Cote-Goulet also scored nine goals. Elodia Robidoux plays in turn a key role in central defense.

Avoid relegation

With 11 games remaining, the Granbyennes will do everything to avoid the last four places in the ranking. The last two clubs will be automatically relegated to the level AA, while positions 11 and 12 will take part in a decisive playoff.

“Of course we do not want to go there, says Anne-Marie Lapalme. To stay in the middle of the ranking, that would be good. But I think we deserve better than that in the way we play. ”

Encouragingly, the Cosmos won their last two games. In particular, they beat the Rivers of Quebec 3-1 last Sunday.

Happy for Portugal
Anne-Marie Lapalme welcomes the triumph of Portugal in Sunday’s final Euro 2016.

“I made a trip there when I was with the Canadian team and since, it has become a bit ‘my team’,” she explains.

If they have not been particularly impressive throughout the tournament, Granbyenne emphasizes that the Portuguese were able to prove they are not solely dependent on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It would have been nice to see France win at home. They probably deserved more, they had several opportunities. But it shows a soccer game, it wishes to not much. ”

Anne-Marie Lapalme has also closely followed the dream journey of Iceland. “It was impressive to see such a small nation play as well. Canada is not even in the top 50 (world) … ”

However, it found that the Spanish champions, world champions, were strong disappointing.

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