The corpse of a man found at a popular Ukrainian resort: “was wanted”, the details of the incident

Труп мужчины нашли на популярном украинском курорте: "был в розыске", детали ЧП

A terrible tragedy happened at the popular Ukrainian resort

About it writes local edition

It is reported that the resort was found dead a young man.

Труп мужчины нашли на популярном украинском курорте: "был в розыске", детали ЧП

According to available information, the dead body found in a popular among Ukrainians Kirillovka still may 20, but police have only now confirmed the incident.

The investigators found that the deceased was a man born in 1991. It is also reported that he had been wanted since April 22, and later he was declared missing. No further details about a young man law enforcement agencies does not provide.

According to local journalists, the corpse which was found on the island Biochem in Kirillovka was sent for examination to experts could determine the exact cause of death. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under article “Premeditated murder” with the qualification of “accident”.

Труп мужчины нашли на популярном украинском курорте: "был в розыске", детали ЧП

Earlier it was reported, she jumped from the 23rd floor of a house in Kiev. In her apartment, they found three notes that were addressed to different people. The girl jumped out the window around 3:00 in the morning, the body was found by a janitor of a residential complex around 7:40.

According to police, the body of the deceased had no signs of violent death. The apartment in which she lived, was open. There on the kitchen table stood three glasses with unfinished drinks and lay three notes, which, apparently, left out from the balcony of the girl. Also able to establish the name of the deceased, her name was Hope.

Notes were addressed to different people. One of them was addressed to, most likely, the brother of the deceased, who currently resides in Israel. It was a Declaration of love, and please to forgive if he can. “I could say many things, but just forgive me,” reads one of the phrases in the note.

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