The corpse of a famous scientist found on the balcony: “please…”, the details of the tragedy

Труп известного ученого нашли на балконе: "долго боролся с...", детали трагедии

Legendary scientist Vladimir Larin had a long battle with cancer

This informs the Telegram channel 112.

It is reported that the body of a famous scientist is found on the balcony of his apartment in the Russian capital.

Труп известного ученого нашли на балконе: "долго боролся с...", детали трагедии

So, 80-year-old Vladimir Larin decided to settle scores with life. Famous scientist shot himself with a shotgun in his apartment.

It is known that Vladimir Larin recently struggled with cancer and complained to friends of severe pain.

It is also worth noting that Vladimir Larin was a doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, author of one of the varieties of the geological hypothesis of the “expanding Earth”, known as the “Hypothesis of the primordial hydridic Earth.” During his career, the scientist has written 5 books and over 40 scientific articles.

Труп известного ученого нашли на балконе: "долго боролся с...", детали трагедии

We reported earlier that has left the life of the famous Ukrainian scientist. It is clarified that the tragedy occurred on September 21. The scientist died on 61-m to year of life. We are talking about Anatoly Tarasyuk, who worked in the Ukrainian engineering-pedagogical Academy.

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“A former graduate of the Academy, Anatoly Tarasyuk went from being a teacher to the first Vice-rector, became a doctor of Sciences and Professor, a renowned specialist in the field of education in the country. With his direct participation was implemented all plans for the development of the Academy over the past 15 years”, — stated in the message.

We also reported the death of Lviv professors Gregory Bassanina. So, on one of the Central streets of the city suddenly died a man. It later emerged that the deceased was an honored scientist and technician of Ukraine.

The deceased’s name was Grigory Bachmann. He was a doctor of economic Sciences, Professor and head of the Department of theoretical and applied Economics of the Lviv trade and economic University. The scientist gave Ukrainian science has almost 50 years of his life and wrote nearly a thousand scientific papers.

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