The corpse of a famous actor found on the street: “just got back from the resort”

Труп знаменитого актера нашли посреди улицы: "только вернулся с курорта"

Suddenly gone from the life of popular actor: his body was found on the street in the city centre

The cause of death was not specified, however, a police spokesman said no suspicious circumstances are detected. He explained that the case will be transferred to the investigator.

Died new Zealand actor of Samoan descent PUA Magasiva. It is reported by CNN. The body of 38-year-old artist was discovered in the heart of Wellington on the morning of 11 may.

It is noted that last month the actor went on to Bali. He went there to celebrate a wedding anniversary in 2018 PUA married teacher Liz Sadler.

Труп знаменитого актера нашли посреди улицы: "только вернулся с курорта"

Mahasiva became famous thanks to such films as “30 days of night”, “eye of the storm”, “Wedding Siona” and “Panic at Rock island”. In addition, he played in the TV series “power Rangers: Dino Thunder”, “power Rangers: Ninja Storm”, “Shortland street”, “outrageous fortune” and “Diplomatic immunity”.

Besides working in movies, Magasiva played in the theater, starred in commercials and led the transfer at the new Zealand hip-hop radio station Flava.

Труп знаменитого актера нашли посреди улицы: "только вернулся с курорта"

Earlier it was reported that the Australian DJ and music producer Adam Bat was found dead after trying to rescue his girlfriend who fell from a private terrace. But during her rescue he fell and received fatal injuries. Adam Neate, who performed under the stage name Adam sky — was found in a pool of his own blood in the resort Hillstone Villas Resort in the South of Bali in Kuta, on may 4 around 10 am.

DJ stayed in the hotel with two friends. After a while he realized that the room is not enough its employee-Russians Zoe Lukyantseva. She fell from the terrace, flying as four meters and broke his leg.

The police believe that Adam ran into the yard to help the woman. But did not calculate the forces and crashed into the glass door of the Villa. The man received deep cuts on his hands, which led to fatal hemorrhage.

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