The convicts rebelled and attacked officers of the colony, have affected: details

Осужденные взбунтовались и напали на сотрудников колонии, есть пострадавшие: подробности

The conflict began during the evening of the convicted

The incident happened in the Cherkassy penal colony №62 28 APR.

There are about 30 prisoners attacked the prison staff and began to beat them. One of the employees of the colony was urgently hospitalized in a hospital in serious condition, reports the UNIAN, referring to the Administration of the State criminal-Executive service of Ukraine.

Осужденные взбунтовались и напали на сотрудников колонии, есть пострадавшие: подробности

Evening during a routine check prisoners refused to obey the administration and attacked employees of the institution.

In the search in the colony was discovered prohibited items.

After the conflict, the special object of a regime of special conditions. For example, until a full investigation imposed a ban on Dating.

As previously reported, Russia announced the verdict Paul the Mushroom, which can be fatal. 20-year-old Ukrainian, who was lured to the territory of Belarus, and there captivated the Russian special services, was given six years in prison.

A guy hung an absurd accusation. He allegedly tried to persuade him to terrorist activities, underage Russian woman . This young lady and helped the FSB to lure Paul from Ukraine.

Igor Grib, father of the political prisoner Paul, stated that the verdict is fatal to his son. He said that Paul did not recognize the false accusations of the. Calling the Russian justice and the Russian security services “bandits and murderers”. The last words of the young man on the court was: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory To The Nation!”.

Also in the day of the verdict, the young man went on a hunger strike, although parents and advocate strongly against, believing that “death will come much faster.” The heartbroken father added that Paul is going to die behind bars, since nobody provides skilled medical care.

Осужденные взбунтовались и напали на сотрудников колонии, есть пострадавшие: подробности

“He syndrome of portal hypertension – a deadly and incurable disease since childhood… Paul need urgent surgical intervention … otherwise it will be death”, – told reporters Igor Mushroom. He added that the Russian side is aware of the state of Paul, but does not react. The Russians believe that the conditions under which contains the prisoner, normal. The father claims the son is not treated, tortured and mentally bullied.

Igor Grib said that Ukrainian politicians in Minsk offered to the Russians to exchange Paul, but the same again there is no response.

Recall that the convicted to “life” released: the new dangerous bill.

As reported Politeka, secret object was found under the most harsh prison in the world: “the military are silent.”

Also Politeka wrote that the appearance of the most beautiful criminals shocked the world: the bright pictures.