The controversial singer crashed in an accident: “rest in Crimea ended in tragedy,” the terrible images

Скандальный певец разбился в ДТП: "отдых в Крыму закончился трагедией", страшные кадры

Famous singer Danko was in a terrible accident

50-year-old artist Danko had an accident: at a great speed he flew off the motorcycle, was seriously injured shoulder. Now the singer is in a hospital in St. Petersburg, where he performed the most difficult operation, reports StarHit.

Скандальный певец разбился в ДТП: "отдых в Крыму закончился трагедией", страшные кадры

Rest in Crimea turned into a tragedy for the Russian artist. Danko was coming down the mountain AI-Petri on the electric bike. The road became slippery from the rain, from-for what the singer has not coped with management.

“Out from under me on turn off the bike, and I’m with all the dope hit his shoulder. Well, next were the people who helped me,” said the singer.

Now a celebrity is in 122nd St. Petersburg hospital.

“I was operated on. The doctors ‘ prognosis is still unknown, there is an x-ray. Feel awful: still can’t get over the anesthesia. I was so out of it: pressure catheters is a nightmare. By the way, am very grateful to the employees of the clinic. This is the best hospital in which I happened to be,” said Danko.

Скандальный певец разбился в ДТП: "отдых в Крыму закончился трагедией", страшные кадры

Note that this is not the first accident in which hit artist. A few years ago in a car accident crashed into a car, at the wheel which was the drunk driver who fell asleep while driving. In the accident nobody has suffered.

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Recall that Danko is famous not only as a modern performer, and as a known rowdy.

The scandal was with ex-fiancee Natalia Ustymenko, which stated that the singer does not support financially the daughters of Sophia and Agatha. But Agatha diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and she needs much more support, including financial. The artist has denied the words of Natalia.

“It’s all lies. The last 16 years I’ve been doing that provide a life for their children. It’s not just about monthly maintenance, but major spending on operations and rehabilitation. With Sophia we communicate regularly, often spend time together,” replied Danko.

Recall that an underage girl fell under the wheels of cars in Lviv.

As he wrote Politeka, the drunk driver flipped a car in Lviv.

Politeka previously reported, the actress “Diesel Show” has changed dramatically after the accident.