The controversial Kolomoisky, a lawyer disclosed the agreement with Zelensky: “first of all, I…”

Скандальный юрист Коломойского раскрыл договоренности с Зеленским: "В первую очередь, я..."

Lawyer Andrei Bogdan for the first time openly told about his agreement with Vladimir Zelensky

Andrew Bogdan is a lawyer of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, as well as acts as a legal Advisor to the headquarters of the newly elected President, however, many Ukrainians are interested in what position he can get in the new government. What arrangements exist between him and Zelenski, Bogdan said in the video blog “Censor Interview” Censor.NO.

“First and foremost, I’m a friend of Vladimir Zelensky. The status is that we are all the same — we are all advisers of Vladimir Zelensky. A year ago we had an agreement not to distribute the posts to the receipt of power, until the actual ability to distribute those positions. Because there are bad examples,” — said the lawyer.

Скандальный юрист Коломойского раскрыл договоренности с Зеленским: "В первую очередь, я..."

He stressed that the team Zelensky did not want to quarrel from-for positions before winning the election.

Meanwhile, Bogdan noted that the team has an idea of how many people Zelensky will have to appoint immediately after the inauguration.

“Interviews are underway, Vladimir meets up with a very large number of people, but what people what posts will take, that is all in his head”, — explained the Advisor.

He added that there are different categories of officials who are appointed directly by the President.

“Some jobs, as I understand it, Vladimir himself to have already filled, some are looking for more, but in any case it will be determined already in the presidential Administration, when he will have access to all information resources of the state, when the access to the database of the SBU, interior Ministry, anti-corruption Committee. Of course, all these points information is very important in personnel appointment”, — said Bohdan.

Earlier Igor Kolomoysky told about what forces can enter into a coalition with the party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people”.

Ukrainian businessman stressed that the party of the newly elected President under any circumstances will not agree to a coalition with the former regionals. About this Kolomoisky said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

He stressed that in the new Parliament the coalition “public Servants” with the ex-regionals is simply impossible. However, Kolomoisky does not exclude that the party Zelensky may negotiate with other political forces.

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