The contagious enthusiasm of Dead Obies

montrealais-dead-obies-arrives-avec(Quebec) CRITICAL / The Quebec City Summer Festival has quickly back on its feet when Mac Miller, who should be the headliner at Parc de la Francophonie Wednesday has him down, putting his hand on veterans House of Pain. But more than the company Everlast and Danny Boy, chick and disheveled, are the Dead Obies who were the stars of the evening hip hop.

Montrealers arrived with a show without any dead time where each piece allowed to bounce on the following. No wave height here, but rather a long climb during which the public has followed the band with pleasure.

Training that can afford to share almost only his most recent material is a formation that has the wind in its sails. And indeed, the Obies have stuck to Gesamtkunstwerk, published earlier this year for 10 of the 11 songs performed.

Jelly on at the start of the concert, the sextet invited the public to serve as a choir, so to appropriate the unique blend of English and French of the troupe. Visited Explosive, mid-term, the party was firmly installed in the Dovecote. Yes Mccan then enjoyed a short break to thank the Summer Festival “shut down the city, which makes room for Dead Obies and gave a $ 10,000 check and 2-3 international shows, you understand what I mean? “He was referring to the fact that his band received the Hope award FEQ last Saturday …

The sextet was treated to a beautiful crowd, which only grow to fill the places (excluding the portion of the expansion). It sang on @ Where They, like that raised his arms aloft in times removed. It must be said that the MC made ​​sure to always keep contact with the festival, introducing a small rivalry between the floor and the VIP section, or down among the crowd, as did Jo RCA Aweille!. They completed to fire with boisterous Tony Hawk.

House of Pain tired

House of Pain served a show the opposite of his predecessors. Ungenerous, rambling, almost on autopilot. DJ Lethal effectively heated the crowd for about ten minutes before the two MC, Everlast and Danny Boy, from emerging, backed by a drummer and a keyboardist. They stayed fifty minutes, then leaving Lethal finish the evening alone in front of the fans who expected more.

Already at their entrance on Back From The Dead, we did not feel great motivation animating guys. Certainly, Everlast has had heart trouble, or the band seemed tired, as if he was ready for retirement, while the two leaders are only mid-forties. It has hardly settled on the way.

Between rooms, interventions were irrelevant and interchangeable except when Everlast said he had visited the city and thought of asking her immigration papers, forcing him to learn French … As for selected securities, they did not allow to raise the scene in a sustainable way, even if the group could play the nostalgia card. If it took off for Same as It Ever Wa s, it fell a little further with a very average recovery Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, which is still looking for relevance, beyond the fact Everlast, who released his acoustic guitar, sees the first song gansta rap. It remained the essential Jump Around, which effectively blew the crowd, but too little too late … Moreover, if the place was almost full at first, they gradually ventilated. A chick performance, we prefer to forget.

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