The company Tesla suffered huge losses

Компания Tesla потерпела огромные убытки

American company Tesla has reported its financial position in the second quarter of this year. It turned out that the company has suffered losses in 717, 5 million dollars. This was reported on the website of the Corporation.

The report notes that much of the negative figure stems from the fact that Tesla is heavily invested in the creation of new models. For example, in the electric car Model 3.

Reports the company hope that in the third quarter will produce about 55 thousand of these electric cars, it will allow to increase gross profit. Tesla is going with the August release of six thousand electric cars Model 3 a week.

“The gross profit model must be much larger – approximately 15% in the third quarter and approximately 20% in the fourth quarter – mainly due to the constant reduction of production costs,” reports the company.

Now coming off the Assembly line five thousand models in a week, and Tesla is on track to achieve new amounts stated on the company website.

It is noted that the Tesla net loss for the first quarter of the year was 336,4 million dollars.

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