The company “Motor Sich” answered the accusations of the USA

В компании «Мотор Сич» ответили на обвинения США‍

PJSC “Motor Sich” (Zaporozhye) is linked to unfair competition of the Russian Federation in military-technical cooperation are the critical publication of the American edition of The Washington Times about the cooperation of the enterprise with China and, in particular, on the supply of aircraft engines AI-222 for the Chinese training and combat aircraft (UBS), carrier-based aircraft JL-10.

“Only the blind will not see all the raised sensation of lobbying the interests of Russian producers… Such methods have all the signs of unfair competition”, – stated in Friday’s statement of “Motor Sich” for the media.

“The author calls on everyone to put pressure on Ukraine to refuse from cooperation with China, pretentious calling it a “stab in the back” — reminiscent of in the company, predicting: in the event of termination of the contract “Motor Sich”, China will put the same Russian engines AI-222. According to the company, in connection with the events of 2014, “Motor Sich” has lost the traditional market for sales of its products, and made serious efforts to expand position in alternative markets, including China. In the framework of these activities for a Chinese customer designed and released a new modification of the aircraft engine AI-222 for the UBS Chinese without Russian components, says the company.

“At the same time, Russia uses made in violation of licensing conditions AI-222 engines for installation on combat training aircraft Yak-130, and constantly make attempts to organize the supply of these engines to China instead of Ukrainian goods” — emphasizes the Ukrainian manufacturer.

“The rupture of business relations with China and loss of market “Motor Sich” will not affect the combat capability of the air force of China, but the aggravation of the crisis trends in the aviation industry of Ukraine and cutting jobs at a leading in the aviation industry and forming the Zaporozhye enterprise are guaranteed,” reads the statement.

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In this context, “Motor Sich” also declare the inadmissibility of manipulation and pressure “in favor of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation” and urged the Ukrainian government to protect the interests of the Ukrainian manufacturer. “Who would say that no, China today for Ukraine is a strategic partner”, — summarized in the statement of the PAO.

16 Aug American, The Washington Times published an article alleging that the administration of Donald trump needs to “put pressure” on Ukraine and force it to block cooperation “Motor Sich” with the PRC. The newspaper sharply criticized the conclusion of “Motor Sich” in 2016 contract to supply 250 engines for UBS Chinese carrier-based aircraft JL-10. According to the former adviser of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate William Triplett (William C. Triplett), “Ukrainians take American taxpayers’ money with one hand and the other beat us naval forces stabbed in the back”. The second reason for Washington to put pressure on Kiev, is that for the first time in many decades, the US government acknowledged China as a strategic rival, is stated in the publication.

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