The company Fisker patented a revolutionary battery for electric cars

Representatives of the American company Fisker announced that the brand has patented a special lithium-ion batteries, which are long-lasting and fast charging. The developers claim that solid-state batteries capable of producing a real revolution in the production of electric cars.

According to the American automobile magazines, car company Fisker patented a new generation of solid-state batteries, which use more advanced technology than lithium-ion batteries. The developers said that the new battery got solid electrodes with increased surface area. It is expected that such batteries will be 2.5 times more efficient than lithium-ion, and will be able to work at extremely low temperatures and recharge in just a minute.

In addition, Fisker noted that while the development of new types of batteries for electric vehicles is at an early stage, and the opening date of the commercial version wasn’t published. It is expected that such batteries by 2030 will be cheaper than lithium-ion.

At the moment, the Fisker engineers gave priority to the development of the electric vehicle Fisker EMotion, which debuts in January 2018 at the consumer electronics show CES in the United States. The novelty will be equipped with batteries Korean company LG Chem.

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