The collision of Earth with an asteroid: named fatal date

Столкновение Земли с астероидом: названа роковая дата

At the end of last week with the Earth close asteroid threat

He approached our planet at a very dangerous distance.

Scientists from the European southern Observatory in Chile managed to take pictures of space alien. It proved to be one of the quite rare double asteroid, living in the inner regions of the Solar system. He flew, fortunately, past the Earth at a speed of 70 thousand miles per hour.

Столкновение Земли с астероидом: названа роковая дата

The object astronomers have named 1999 KW4.

Unique photo helped to make the telescope VLT. And a valuable resource will help scientists to save the planet from collisions with space bodies.

“These pictures, as well as data from other telescopes that are critical to develop strategies that will help us to avoid an asteroid collision with the Earth, if one of them will come to this course. In the worst case, we can predict what the implications of the fall,” said Olivier Hainaut of the European southern Observatory in Chile.

1999 KW4 is among Atanov is a group of near-earth asteroids, revolving close to the Sun and crossing the orbit of Earth at its maximum distance from the sun.

This Aton was very interested in professionals. First, impress it unusual for such celestial bodies the size – its diameter is 1.3 kilometers. And secondly, a double asteroid has an unusual shape and orbit. 1999 KW4 is somewhat reminiscent of the cupcake and moving closer to the Sun at a record close distance.

1999 KW4 is one of the most dangerous asteroids. Experts have calculated that this visitor from outer space will approach earth at a minimum distance (2.3 million kilometers) in 2036.

Now scientists have observed for 1999 KW4 and study the asteroid. This will help to save the Earth from collision with other celestial bodies. In fact, as acknowledged by astronomers, asteroids are many. According to NASA, the number of small asteroids can reach a million, and we know only about a few thousands.

As previously reported, scientists have warned cosmic phenomenon that poses a direct threat to Earth.

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Столкновение Земли с астероидом: названа роковая дата

The staff of the Complutense University of Madrid conducted a study and found that the large asteroids in front of the terrain are broken up into fragments of smaller size. Pieces of celestial bodies entering the atmosphere at very complex trajectories that prevents the astrophysicists to track them using satellites or ground-based observatories.

Scientists say that a large number of fragmented asteroids revolve in earth orbit. At any moment they can break away and be attracted to the surface of the planet with her own gravitational field.

“Very often, meteorites, which fall on Earth can be traced by bright flashes in the sky are aliens from a near-earth asteroid belt, which appeared as a result of clashes inside of him,” said the Spanish researchers.

Astrophysics drew attention to the space object, newly fallen to Earth. Its diameter ranged from 2.7 to 3.7 meters. Body code 2018 LA entered the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of 60,000 kilometres per hour, leaving a long fiery plume over Botswana in Africa.

A fragment formed in a collision of two or three asteroids in earth orbit.

As found by the authors of the study, close to the Ground is another thirty similar celestial bodies. they should be watched closely after the fall of one such meteor in a populated area can lead to a major catastrophe. After all, when the body burst into the atmosphere, the people in the place of his fall is nothing to save.

Recall, the scientists were struck by an incredible find on the asteroid Itokawa, “surprise from space”

As reported Politeka, the Earth is on the verge of death: “flying huge asteroid”, NASA revealed the details.

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