The collapse of the dollar: hryvnia strengthened to a record

Обвал доллара: гривна рекордно укрепилась

The exchange rate in Ukraine on may 8, 2019: the hryvnia continues to strengthen, the dollar sank on the interbank market below the level at 26.3.

On Wednesday, may 8, the national Bank set the exchange rate in Ukraine at the next level:

$ 100 — 2634.0020 hryvnia;

100 Euro 2946.1312 UAH;

10 rubles — 4.0389 hryvnia.

The official dollar rate fell by 15 cents. Euro fell by 21 kopecks. The ruble is falling against the local currency.

In the previous banking day, Tuesday 7 may, acting such currency exchange rate in Ukraine:

$ 100 — 2649.5920 hryvnia;

100 Euro 2967.2781 UAH;

10 rubles — 4.0554 hryvnia.

Обвал доллара: гривна рекордно укрепилась

The exchange rate in Ukraine on 8 may 2019

On the interbank currency market on Tuesday 7 may the price has fallen. The dollar lost value to the final bidding 12 cents per purchase, and 11 in the sale. The Euro fell by 20 kopecks in buying and 19 cents on sale.

The national Bank tried to save the dollar, going up for auction in the mode Matching with the purchase of the dollar. But even after these maneuvers, the quotes continued to fall. Reference rate for the dollar was set may 7 at 12:00 regulator at the level of UAH 26,3470.

The dollar at the close of trading on Tuesday were at the level of 26.28/26,32 UAH, Euro — at the level of 29.39/29,43 UAH, Russian ruble 0,4032/0,4039 UAH.

Обвал доллара: гривна рекордно укрепилась

The exchange rate in Ukraine on 8 may 2019

As reported, experts have predicted the exchange rate for 2019. So, managing partner of investment company Capital Times Eric Naiman sure until mid-August, the hryvnia will remain relatively stable, and the trend towards consolidation to 26.5 UAH per 1 dollar.

Although the NBU does not see preconditions for exchange rate fluctuations. Yakov Smoliy assured that the national Bank has enough reserves of foreign exchange reserves and has experience of intervention in order to prevent sharp fluctuations. However, the hryvnia exchange rate will affect the situation on foreign commodity markets and prices for fuel and energy resources — primarily oil prices on the world market.

We will remind, it became known as the blow destroyed the banking system of Ukraine: “the noose around the neck”.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank urgently reported the write-off of money from the card.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the national Bank gave a tough forecast for the Ukrainians: the belt will have to tighten even more.