The collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk on 9 November: a list of victims

In Izhevsk on 9 November collapsed part of a house.

The explosion in the house No. 261, located at the crossroads of streets Udmurt and 10 years of October, after which the collapsed part of the building, occurred at 16:41 (15:41 MSK). Destroyed one entrance from 1 to 9 floor.

In the centre of Izhevsk, an explosion occurred, followed by the collapse of part of a residential nine-storey building. One of the six entrances have fallen from 1st to 9th floor, injured 32 apartments.

According to preliminary data, as a result of collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk killed three people, including a teenager. In the Network appeared photos and video from the scene of the house explosion in Izhevsk.

Known about three victims. The list of victims published by REN-TV. Among the victims, two teenagers and one lifeguard, who worked at the emergency site.

The list of victims of the collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk on 9 November:

1. Darin K. 15 years old
2. Igor B. 15 years
3. Fedor Aleksandrov — emergency officer.

As reported by REN-TV, the lifeguard was diagnosed with a fractured finger and an injury of a hand. In adolescents, physicians found cut and bruised wounds. Affected teenagers allegedly were in the building at the moment of collapse.

At the scene, emergency workers. All the tenants of the house evacuated. While they are in temporary accommodation, which the rescuers were deployed at the school near the collapsed building.

As noted in the MOE, according to preliminary data, the collapsed part of the house in Izhevsk could be at the moment of collapse 15.

The MOE admit that part of the building collapsed due to explosion of household gas. In fact the incident the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the region initiated a criminal case under part 3.St.238 of the criminal code (Violation of requirements of safety, entailed death of two and more persons).

In Izhevsk collapsed residential building

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