The collapse of a building in Izhevsk on 9 November: the suspect, Alexander Kopytov staged a gas explosion intentionally

The media has put forward a new version of the explosion in a residential building in Izhevsk on 9 November.

It will be recalled that on Thursday, November 9 in Izhevsk was a tragedy – the explosion of gas struck a porch of a house located to the address: street Udmurt, building room 261.

As a result of collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk many suffered, unfortunately, not without casualties. The accident killed six people, including two children.

Later in mass media there appeared information about yet another victim of the collapse of the house. As reported, after the analysis of the rubble of the collapsed entrance of the house was found the body of the seventh victim of the tragedy, which turned out to be the saleswoman of the shop located on the ground floor.

Upon collapse of the entrance of a house was opened several criminal cases and started investigation verification. All the occupants of the house room 261 on the street Udmurt were evicted, and special services to go check the house for safety stay in it.

Before it became known that the police detained a suspect in the collapse of a stairwell in a residential building in Izhevsk, which was one of the residents Alexander Kopytov. The suspect is the son of the owner of the apartment, which was the epicenter of the explosion.

The consequence considers that Alexander Kopytov has arranged explosion in a residential building on November 9 deliberately, personally disconnect the hose of the gas stove. After that, the suspect fled the scene of the tragic incident.

The police believe that the suspect has mental health problems.

How to tell the neighbors, 27-year-old Alexander Kopytov lived in the apartment located on the third floor, along with her mother. The young man was quiet and reserved and constantly clashed with his cousin.

The Kopytova and his mother was detained, they have already testified. Against Alexander also opened a criminal case under article “Murder of two and more persons committed publicly dangerous method”. He was appointed carrying out is judicial-medical examination which will help determine the extent of his psychological health.

It should be noted that during the investigation Alexander himself gave the reasons which had decided to take this step. As stated Kopytov, so he decided to take revenge on the neighbors and destroy their property.

The suspect said that in my head, “heard the voices of neighbours who had disgraced him.” At the same time, says Kopytov, at the time of the hiss of gas leaking voices suddenly fell silent.

Let’s add, that on 11 and 12 November the authorities of Udmurtia declared days of mourning in memory of the lost tenants of the fallen entrance 9-storey building room 261 in the street Udmurt in Izhevsk.

Among the victims were two children – 13-year-old Cyril, who was killed together with my father and 8-year-old Dasha. Under the rubble of the collapsed entrance was also killed and the grandfather of the girl.

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