The coast is littered with corpses: the accident occurred at the popular resort, “no one helped”

Побережье усеяно трупами: катастрофа произошла на популярном курорте, "никто не помог"

The people who were on the beach rushed to help the poor animals ottaskivaya them in the water, but they again rushed to the shore

On the shore of the island of Boavista in the archipelago of Cape Verde in the Atlantic ocean jumped more than 200 dolphins, many of whom died, about it writes edition the Independent.

Locals, tourists and employees of the center of Oceanography wore them water. The dolphins also tried to tighten back into the ocean, but some of them still came back. In the end 136 of the dolphins have died, despite all efforts to save them.

Побережье усеяно трупами: катастрофа произошла на популярном курорте, "никто не помог"

Local authorities have encouraged Spanish scholars to help determine why the mammals died. The experts took tissue samples of the dead dolphins to determine the causes of the accident.

According to the preliminary experts ‘ opinion, dolphins are often thrown on the shore, when they lose orientation, or suffer from a disease, infection or wounds. It is noted that it is still unknown the exact reasons for such mass suicides mammals.

In another version of dolphins washed ashore following the leader.

Also earlier it was reported that the animal was hit with a paw the poor woman, which she was diagnosed with a degloving wound.

In Ussuriysk (Primorsky Krai, Russia) to the employee of the zoo was a bear attack. This is stated in the official website of the administration of the Ussuri urban district.

The incident happened on September 25 when an experienced employee of toexpedite Faith Blisch showed the worker how to clean the cage and feed the animal. At this time, the bear named tiny was locked in a distillation cell.

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Побережье усеяно трупами: катастрофа произошла на популярном курорте, "никто не помог"

Faith sat down in order to put food, and then stood up abruptly and leaned on the cage, where he was tiny. According to the woman, she felt dizzy and she didn’t understand how I ended up near the cell.

The predator reached for the employee’s claws and hit her paw.

Blisch was taken to the hospital, she was diagnosed with degloving injury and an open fracture. The woman had to amputate the leg at the knee. Tamer has operated.

The victim says that the animal is not aggressive and doesn’t blame him. As noted by Belief, she works with raptors for 25 years and in that time have seen a lot.

We will remind, in the Crimea a disaster, all littered with corpses: “Nasr*be on the local population.”

As reported Politeka, PE in Russia, dozens of corpses washed up on the coast: details and photos of the disaster.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists discovered the pink Dolphin of incredible beauty