The coast is dotted with half a hundred corpses: the details of the inexplicable tragedy

Побережье моря усеяно полсотней трупов: подробности необъяснимой трагедии

On the Alaskan coast for unknown reasons, threw more than fifty corpses

Beached dead seal was not a typical skinny and lost some fur transmits a message to the National oceanic and atmospheric CNN.

Along the coasts of the Bering and Chukchi seas in Alaska was discovered not less than 60 dead seals.

Побережье моря усеяно полсотней трупов: подробности необъяснимой трагедии

NOAA Fisheries has launched an investigation into reports of “an extremely large number of” dead “ice seals” – that is, those that live in the Arctic. They include seal (sea hare), ringed seal, and spotted seal.

Monday, 10 June, NOAA announced that it has received numerous reports of dead ice seals in Norton Sound. One hunter reported that he had counted 18 dead carcasses of seals along the 17 km of the shore and dozens on the coast of Stewart island.

According to NOAA, some of the dead animals have lost fur. The Agency also received a message that this year the seals are extremely thin.

At the moment, carry out the necessary additional examination to determine the reason for the lack of hair on the animal — whether it is part of decomposition, or have abnormal shedding, there is another reason.

Побережье моря усеяно полсотней трупов: подробности необъяснимой трагедии

Note that an abnormal molt among the seals was observed in the 2011-2016 years during the outbreak inexplicably sharp mortality is touched 657 ice seals in the North and West of Alaska.

Earlier it was reported that in the Faroe Islands the locals have killed more than 150 dolphins. It turned out that they were following tradition. Fishermen in boats are driving a pod of bottlenose dolphins in the shallows and kill them, sinking the special spear in the neck (near the spinal cord). Animals bleed, which flood the whole Bay. Pull the Dolphin to the shore and cut them up to help fishermen, women and even children.

This time they killed 130-150 black dolphins — Blackfish, as the locals call them, and short of 10-20 dolphins, reports Unilad.

The massacre took place in Torshavn, the capital of the island Streymoy. Since the beginning of 2019 in the Faroe Islands in the same barbaric way scored more than 500 dolphins. Locals justify the brutal tradition that in the harsh climate of the region is almost nothing grows and they are forced to kill dolphins for food.

After the incident, animal protection organization Blue Planet Society encourages Internet users to sign a petition in defense of the dolphins. Black and short, dolphins are protected in the European Union.

We will remind, in the Crimea a disaster, all littered with corpses: “Nasr*be on the local population.”

As reported Politeka, a savage beast devoured tourists directly on the beach, it’s 11 victims.

Also Politeka wrote that terrible incident occurred on a cruise ship: “1,300 people pray for salvation.”