The closure or sale for Thom Transport

moins-denicher-acheteur-serieux-entreprisePresent in the Outaouais Road landscape since 1968, Thom Transport buses could become passé. Unless we find a “serious buyer”, the company will close on 5 August.

The owner of the company, Antonio Thom, believes that the time has come for his wife Gisèle and to undertake a full-time married life.

“It was a few years we said we would perhaps sell. I went to 85 years. a small pension is thought to take my wife and me. We’re trying to decide what we do. Whether we sell, whether we farm. ”

A notice was recently given to the forty headquartered company employees on the St-René Blvd., in the Gatineau sector. If no transaction allows the acquisition of the company, it will disappear on 5 August.

Since information began circulating, some people have expressed interest to acquire the company says Thom.

The couple currently separates the office hours. Mr. Thom works morning; his wife, in the afternoon. “We have just the evening to see,” says the octogenarian. The couple’s two children have already worked in the company, but now fly on their own.

Although the industry is not as profitable as it once was, Antonio Thom says there is a way for someone “serious” to take over and maintain profitability. The businessman has no objection to his company be renamed if it changes hands, but should a transaction, he would like the buyer keeps his employees.

Of the forty persons to whom it provides a livelihood, some might however decide to retire, whether sale or not, says Mr. Thom.

In the past, Transport Thom was responsible for school transportation in various territories, a market that the company left there about ten years. At present, the company has thirty buses.

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