The clock: there is an important statement of the Cabinet, “Canceled…”

Перевод часов: появилось важное заявление Кабмина, «Отменяется…»

Appeared the government decision regarding transition to winter time in Ukraine

As reported Politeka, a Deputy head of the Ministry of economy — trade representative Taras Pitching was published in Facebook.

In particular, the Pitching has published a document which says that according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on procedure of calculation time on the territory of Ukraine 27 October at 04:00 is cancelled the summer with the transfer clock one hour ago.

Перевод часов: появилось важное заявление Кабмина, «Отменяется…»

Recall that in March the European Parliament voted for the abolition of the practice of translation hours in 2021. The spring vote was not the last in the abolition of the clock, but had become the basis for the discussion in the EU to develop a common position. Today, the EU law obliges member States to translate the time on the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October.

It is assumed that after the abolition of the transfer hours, EU countries will not be able to do this for years, but will give them the right to decide what time zone to be in.

As reported, the economist Boris Kushniruk said that the transition to winter time is not relevant, because it no longer helps to save electricity.

“When it was introduced at the beginning of last century, consumption in the morning and the evening were quite sensitive regarding the overall balance of power. Now, we consume electricity virtually around the clock, even when you rest – refrigerators, boilers, and so on,” – said Kushniruk.

Перевод часов: появилось важное заявление Кабмина, «Отменяется…»

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“During perestroika the Soviet Union shifted to a model which at that time was working in Europe. We remained there until this time. Obviously, when the EU will approve the decision not to change summer / winter time, Ukraine also refuses to do so. To do it appropriate together with the European Union, because there will be problems with the coordination of time zones, which occur constantly during the transition to winter and summer time. If we are in single mode and making a transition along with them, when they canceled, and we will be wise to do the same,” – said the economist.

Recall that in Ukraine has inflamed the debate about the clock.

As reported Politeka, the doctor told me how to prepare for the transfer hours.

Also Politeka wrote that the European Parliament adopted a decision on time in the EU: everything changes now.