The City takes drastic measures against illegal accommodation

y-gens-font-hebergement(Sherbrooke) The City of Sherbrooke will hire three new inspectors to its section permits and inspections, and for a period of one year. The deputy also the services of two students to counter illegal lodging, among other AirBnB style accommodation.

Students will document the issues and raise awareness. There are people who make accommodations that do not know they are illegal. We will raise a lookout for those who are in areas where they are not supposed to do. If they continue, the findings will be issued with permanent inspectors. They will be our eyes on the ground, “says Michael Howard, Acting Director of the Planning and Urban Development.

These student hires will cost $ 18,040.

“Three full-time inspectors will be hired for one year to fill the loss of inspectors who are currently on the regulatory overhaul full time for several months. They fill that void that we left. It’s been a year that we have inspectors in the record of the consolidation and there are ten to rewrite regulations to harmonize. So yes, for a year, there have been two resources that were sacrificed and that we see need to be replaced, “says Howard.

“There are things we do not currently on the ground could be done

again. For example, we focus on building permits. All records that relate to safety and the environment are priorities. Of course there are some things we do not look, when it’s not urgent, as the display. ”

Good start

Councillor Jean-François Rouleau welcomed these inspectors hired at a cost of $ 180,450, and he would even like the City added more. “I hear enormously reviews permit applications. We could go further to ensure a recurrence. These permits represent income. ”

The executive committee chairman, Serge Paquin, mentioned that the executive shared the same concerns and that it will reassess the situation if necessary.
Rémi Demers sees a step in the right direction to counter the illegal accommodation. “We will consider a sustained response, as we find this type of accommodation in the year. ”

Annie Godbout would in turn avoid stifling innovation that goes through the digital, even if it does not encourage illegal activities.

A custody inspector has also been added, the weekend to respond to urgent complaints of citizens, merchants or politicians who call 819 821-5858. Among others, he was called to intervene for a traveling business selling carpets recently. A $ 500 of offense was issued.

Michael Howard says that the situation will be analyzed at the end of one-year contracts. “We will report to the board of what is happening and if we believe that additional resources are required full time, we will make the recommendation. However, this is not what is planned for the moment. ”

The section permits and inspection currently has 23 regular employees, including 19 building inspectors

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